"part mind reading, part coercion, part exciting game of nerves"


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A limited season

Microtheatre Event 

In the late Victorian era, the spiritualists claimed they discovered a connection to the other side. Nearly 100 years later, séances continue to capture the public's fascination. But are they truly a gateway to another realm or simply the manifestations of our own terrified imaginations? 

Join your host, world-renowned mentalist Jason Suran, and 15 BRAVE GUESTS AT AN HISTORIC CHELSEA VENUE as we recreate the work of one of america's most dangerous mediums and attempt to face our own deepest fears.

But don't be afraid.

there's no such thing as ghosts ... right?

What is Microtheatre?

Microtheatre is a multi-sensory genre of performance art that first became popular in post-recession Spain. In contrast to immersive theatre, which seeks to give large groups of audience members a variety of individual experiences, microtheatre strives to give a small group of strangers a powerful and unifying experience.

In many ways, séances refined this genre decades before it even existed. 

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All participants must be 21 years of age or older. A valid ID must be provided at the door.